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“We Focus on simple easy to follow trading and investing strategies that will allow you to make weekly income and build generational wealth”

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Why is it important to start investing immediately?

The overall goal of Investing in any asset class is to Build Wealth and secure a Solid Financial Future for us and our families 
Investing In Stocks creates an alternate source of income through Dividends.
It is important to start to Invest Early and Consistently in order to secure a Solid Financial Future that will improve your Quality of Life 
Investments, if chosen properly, will increase in value over years and generally the earlier you invest,the more time your investments have to grow with Compound interest and dividend reinvestment growth. 

Warren Buffet said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”.
You have to start investing to get some money to work for you while you are sleeping. There is only so much work an employed or self employed individual can do in 24 hours to earn money.
What often happens is people do not start to invest early enough causing them to miss out on money working for them to keep living paycheck to paycheck.

Statistics show that


of Americans do not have a retirement account.


of Americans have less than $1000 saved for 'Emergency Expenses'


of Americans have less than $100,000 saved and will outlive their retirement.


of Americans are not invested in the stock market.

The main reason for the statistics above is because some people are not educated about ways to invest to build generational wealth. Only a small portion of people know these secrets and this stops today! We are in the information age and the knowledge to build wealth and make more money is more accessible than ever before!

Our Vision

The #1 Goal for financial clarity is to help individuals attain their financial goals through trading and investing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our Knowledge, Experience, Tools and Resources to help as many individuals as possible develop a solid Trading & Investing Strategy that will allow them to become Financially Independent.

I personally have parents that are between the ages 65-70 that can not stop working or seeking active income due to the fact that they did not have a Retirement Plan or any other investment plan in place to build them a retirement nest egg to secure their financial future.This reason is all the fuel I need to make sure we take action on our mission to help many individuals avoid this situation.

On The Flip Side; I also witnessed other family members enjoy a quality retirement lifestyle because they had a Retirement Investing Plan set in place and they were investing frequently and consistently.

Since Financial Stress is the number one cause of death in retirement years. Financial Clarity Academy was developed to help as many people as possible to become Financially Independent through our proven Trading & Investing Wealth Building Strategies. Our strategies are developed to help individuals gain the privilege of living a stress free retirement lifestyle where money isn’t a worry.


The Strategies and Approaches found in our programs will teach individuals the key steps to building and growing a profitable Long Term Retirement Investment Portfolio and A Solid Trading System

Just Imagine !


Learning a skill that lessons your financial burdens

Retiring within 10 years or less with our accelerated retirement investing strategies

Making over 6 figures annually with our time tested strategies


Having extra money sitting in your brokerage accounts that are accessible to you anytime

Having freedom to travel and live your idea lifestyle 

Not worrying about bills and other upcoming financial events

Having the financial confidence in all your decisions 

Message From Founder

I grew up in Clarendon Jamaica in a low income environment, I migrated with my family to America in 2008 where we still ended up in a minority environment in lauderhill florida. After a few years living in the states my mind opened up to many different opportunities that could possibly give my family and I a better life. I Learned that Stocks and Real Estate Investing made the most millionaires in the country. I got introduced to trading & Investing in the cryptocurrency market 2017 when I purchased 3 bitcoins for $1000 each. Bitcoin rapidly increased to $20,000 that year along with some other alt coins I bought that how I made my first fortune.

During 2017 I was eager to learn more about trading and investing but It was so hard to find quality education that would result in me building wealth and making a consistent income. I bought a lot of online courses that brought no real results, I watched countless youtube videos that had me switching from strategy to strategy and losing even more money.

I was determined to learn how to make money online because I love to travel and I wanted to be able to make money while I am traveling so I kept digging deeper and deeper to gain enough knowledge that would allow me to be profitable in the markets. After 2 years of consistent efforts. It began to get more clear to me. I was studying for 4 to 6 hours per day, reading trading psychology books, watching course videos, backtesting and reviewing strategies.

In 2019 I finally narrowed down my trading edge in the markets. A trading edge is a set of variables that a person uses to determine an entry & exit in the markets. My edge consists of a simple easy to follow trading and investing strategy that will allow you to generate weekly income and build generational wealth.

I made a promise to myself that once I found the blueprint to make consistent money from the markets I will start to teach and promote the power of trading and investing correctly to as many people in financial pressure or in need of financial clarity as possible.

If you got this far on our website this just means you are serious about your financial future and your are ready to live the life of your dreams